chardon high school shooting.

this school was literally less than 10 minutes away from my school. it could have been us.

i woke up this morning and my friend sent me a text "theres a shooter in the high school at chardon. theryre on lockdown. he’s still in the school" i flipped on the news immediately, it was true. and i wanted to cry, but i was in shock. that could have been my school. 

literally from the second i walked into school today it all unraveled.  during first block the principal came on to confirm it, and told us to keep the school in our prayers. during second block he told us the details he knew, that 3 were life flighted to metro health, and one was at hillcrest. he told us the shooter was in custody too, you could hear the silence in the whole school.  no one ever watches the announcements, but today everyone was.  during 3rd block i learned of the pictures the shooter posted on twitter last night; i was in the middle of a math review and just though dropped my pencil and my jaw dropped. there was him with a paper saying “high school massacre” and another with him and two guns. i also learned the names of the victims.  i walked into fourth block and heard that a kid named Danny Parmertor died. and ironically right as i was typing that i just got a text from my best friend that said that danny is a kid we go to school with, his cousin. his cousin his fucking innocent cousin died. and 4 others are wounded. they don’t deserve this.

there was a report on the internet about a kid who a bullet blazed his ear, why didn’t it kill him, 3 inches in and it would have been his brain.

why did god decide that danny parmertor was the one to die? why.

and to that fact that i just recently started praying to God and stuff and curbing my spiritual life it makes me question why him. what is the reasoning.

but all we can do at this point is pray and prevent.

power in prayer.

keep the chardon community in your prayers.

i dont care if you live in ohio or you live in alaska, this kind of stuff shouldnt happen and it needs to be stopped. please help it stop.

Monday Feb 27 04:05pm
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